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Bodrum Castle and Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum in Muğla

The Bodrum Castle was built on the island, which was known as Zephyirion in ancient times, and which is a peninsula now. It was built in 1406 by the knights of St. Jean whose headquarter was Rhodes. Bodrum Castle preserves the original plan and character of the Knights Period and reflects Gothic architectural features. The castle is the only well-preserved example of the St. John knights. It is also one of the best-preserved medieval monuments in the world and stands as a monolithic heritage. In the construction of the castle, the stones left after the destruction of k, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, were used. After the St Jean knights left Bodrum in 1523, the castle was used as a prison by the Ottomans until the 19th century. It suffered damage through British and French bombardment during World War I.

Today, the Bodrum Castle houses the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is one of the most important of the world's few and Türkiye's only underwater museums. The museum received the "Special Praise" award in the European Museum of the Year competition in 1995. There are 14 exhibition halls in Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum, and it has the richest Eastern Mediterranean Amphora collection in the world. The shipwrecks of Yassıada, Şeytan Deresi and Serçe Limanı are also exhibited in the museum. Three tons of broken and unbroken glass was removed from the ship that sank in the exhibition in the Serçe Harbor Shipwrecks Glass Debris Hall in 1025, which is the oldest sunken shipwreck in the world. In addition, the world's largest Islamic Glass Collection is exhibited here.

The Bodrum Archaeology Museum consists of the Karyalı Princess Hall, English Tower, East Roman Wreck, Turkish Bath Exhibition, Glass Shipwreck Hall, German Tower, Coin and Jewellery Hall, Glass Hall, Hidden Museum Snake Tower, Uluburun Shipwreck, Dungeon, Commander's Tower and Tektaş Glass Wreck sections. The largest Amphorae Collection is also in the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum. Next to the cross vault there is the Balta Tower, with the "Queen Island" hall.

Miletus & Didyma in Aydın

The capital of civilization, culture, art and science, Milet (Miletos) is one of the most important cities in human history with its 3,500-years old history. The city, which is regarded as the centre of positive science, is the home of people who question nature, observe, and contemplate in order to understand it. Also known as the "city of philosophers", Milet has raised many historical figures such as the philosophers Thales, Anaksimandros and Anaksimenes and the city planner Hippodamos. Milet, dominated by free thought 2,600 years ago, became a centre of attraction, and turned into the largest city of the Ionian civilization, which developed on the Western Anatolian coast. It became a cosmopolitan place attracting people from all over the world. It ultimately became the capital of this civilization.  Milet is located on the southwestern border of the Menderes Plain, between Söke and Didim, in an area with no traffic density. Instead of big cities, there are several beautiful villages around it: Doğanbey in the north, Batıköy in the west, Akköy in the south and Balat next to it. "Balat" is named after Palatia, the late ancient name of Miletus. Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park extends to the Menderes Delta in the west of Milet. Milet Ancient City has an idyllic character with its location and the influence of small settlements around it.

Summer Destinations


It is very advantageous because it is close to important historical places such as Kuşadası, Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary, Seven Sleepers and Didyma.

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"Beautiful İzmir" draws you into a world of picturesque modernity and traditions, with its refreshing touches to human souls. İzmir hypnotizes visitors in an aura of history and modernity.

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Muğla, which connects the Aegean and Mediterranean seas with its turquoise waters and virgin bays, is waiting to be explored.

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Antalya is a city where the sea, sun, history and nature commune in harmony. Ancient cities, the sea, sun, beach, forest... all are parts of this integrity.

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Balıkesir is an important tourism destination in the Marmara Region with coasts on both the Aegean and Marmara Sea unique bays, islets, mountains and thermal springs.

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